SHIRIM  means "song" in Hebrew. To us, this word includes the values of the knowledge and love of Jewish culture, of Hebrew and of Jewish songs from all over the world. Most of all, SHIRIM  is a place for social intercultural exchange around Hebrew choral music. The vocal ensemble SHIRIM  was created in September 2017.


                                                          OUR GOALS

1 - Teaching, advising and musical guidance from our conductor Alvaro Gonzalez Hernandez

2 - Organizing intercultural meeting between choristers

3 - Exchanges between choral groupes from different cultures

4 - Formation of a musical artistic basis for a popular and artistic activity around Jewish culture.

Through these goals, SHIRIM  promotes Jewish musical heritage of the ancient and modern Jewish communities from all around the world.

However, SHIRIM  is more than a choir. It's also friendships between people who believe that singing can help promote tolerance, and acknowledgements of differents cultures.

In addition, SHIRIM ' goal is also to introduce the audience to the fascinating aspect of polyphonic singing a capella : the faculty of singing together several melodic lines around a main melody without the help of an instrument. It is the creation of a dialogue between the audience and the choristers.


                                                        OPEN MINDEDNESS

Our commitment is active and we aim at showing the results of our work to every type of audience everywhere.


                                                       MUSICAL QUALITY

For our message to be recognized and respected, we do our best by participating and being convincing an respectful when we perform.

We are not professional singers, but most of all we cherish the quality of Hebrew choral singing.